Testimonials About Our Equipping Church

“Pastor Nelson is the real deal! You get the biblical gospel without ‘additives, high fructose corn syrup, GMO based food products or any other man-made junk!’ There are no nursey rhymes or myths. It’s solid food chopped up for easy digestion. Bible Study is off the charts. The word of God is taught in such a way that you can understand.”

“First Lady Denise is no joke especially when it comes to heeding the word of God and practically living out the Christian faith. They are a good team! Much love to ETSM!”

- Brother Tony

“ETSM has equipped me to be discerning and to understand the day and time we are living in as the church, as well as to know that I’m not confounded by today’s schools of thought or thinking and the standards of this world. I’m grateful to our Lord and Savior to be a part of this ministry as an elder and servant of the Most High God. I once was blind and now I can see.”

- Elder Dwayne

“I’m grateful for ETSM. For the two years that I’ve been a member it has been equipping me with God’s Word (Truth). I constantly want more!!!”

- Shakira

“After attending many churches, God made me realize I needed to know more about him and his word. After first attending ETSM’s Bible Study, and learning so much, I later became a member. ETSM is definitely prepared by God, “for such a time as this." The word is taught through proper exegesis and exposition here. God has used Pastor to open our understanding to his word and has introduced many of us to the science of apologetics. Now, after learning what I’ve learned at ETSM, the complicated words used by theologians are not as intimidating any more. I know God has used and will continue to use ETSM for His glory. Thank you God for ETSM.

- Sister Ann Marie

“For me and my husband, Equipping the Saints Ministries has been a good example of biblical Christianity. We’re so appreciative for the love, compassion, and hospitality we’ve received since we’ve been members. I’m also thankful for the fervent zeal they have for Christ. ETSM has definitely made an impact in our lives. May many blessings be upon ETSM!”

- Elder Shawn and Sister Luerietta

“My husband and I have been members of ETSM since its inception, and can emphatically say that Pastor Jim and Lady Denise are the real deal! They truly have a heart for God and a love for their brothers and sisters in Christ. If you are ever blessed to hear Pastor Jim preach, rest assured that you will be receiving sound biblical teaching. He teaches a kingdom message with no fluff or fillers, but the pure, unadulterated truth of God’s Word. Under ETSM you will receive the basic and necessary tools to be equipped to understand, share, and defend the biblical gospel.”

- Brother Todd and Sister Angela

“ETSM has refreshed my faith, both in God and in His Word. I’ve been to a number of churches that have erroneously taught and preached God’s Word. As a result I ended up confused, angry, and bitter. When I attended ETSM’s Bible Study I was allowed to talk about the issues that wounded me. To this, Pastor Nelson would say, “Let’s see what the Bible says about it” and would let the Bible speak for itself.”

“ETSM has opened my mind to Who God is, and how much He loves me. And that’s saying a lot!”

- Brother Ben

“Equipping the Saints Ministries has blessed us spiritually and empowered us in the Word of God.”

-Brother Mark and Sister Leah

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